Robert Charles Howard, Poet and Musician
Photo by Robin Howard
Welcome Friends!

Thanks for stopping by. From my perspective, all the literary, visual and performing arts are unified chapters of our common human story and I am grateful to be able to have my say in both musical and verbal arts. I am delighted to have a career that allows me to experience many facets of musical artistry.

When I am conducting, my job is to bring structural elements to life through expressive, accurate and well-informed performances. Both conducting and performing help me to understand how to compose ideas that are crafted to reach audiences in ways that match their passion for music.

My wife and I moved to Estes Park in 2016 with our dog, Hannah and are enjoying our time in the beautiful Rockies and savoring the company of this vibrant mountain town. In looking through my website, you’ll view the adventures I have enjoyed over the years. I hope you will find a few things there to spark your interest.


As a composer, I regard performers and audiences as my clients and do my best to serve their musical aspirations.

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Unity Tree by Robert Charles Howard
There is music and beauty in language. In my poetry I strive to cast fresh light on the roads and trails of the human journey.

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Flute Teacher

Robert Charles Howard - Flutist
I take a special joy in teaching private lessons where I get to witness miracles of artistic growth first hand.

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